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Rent Terms & Conditions

1. No license is required for handling a motor boat under 30hp.
2. Prior to renting, a control of the boat’s condition is made by the customer and is delivered only if boat condition is satisfactory for the customer.
3. The boat is delivered to the customer full of fuel. Fuel consumption is charged extra and is paid by the customer upon return at the company’s premises.
4. The vessel is insured for bodily injury and property damage resulting from a collision at sea with third parties.
5. The Epidavros Boats shall not be liable for loss or damage of property of the client during the rental
6. The customer agrees and accepts:
7. To deliver the vessel at Epidavros Boats boats in the state that was received. The customer will be liable for any damage caused to the vessel by misuse or neglect.
8. To deliver the boat before sunset. Early return of the vessel does not entitle the customer a refund claim.
9. Do not allow any of the persons on board during the hiring to handle the boat.
10. To commit the boat at 19:00. For every next hour after 19:00 there is a penalty of 50 euros per hour.

Cancellation Policy

1. In the event of a cancellation by the customer 2 days prior to the agreed arrival, Epidavros Boats is obliged to return the entire deposit, if the cancellation occurs in less than one day the customer owes Epidavros Boats half of the total amount of the canceled order, the cancellation becomes the agreed arrival, the customer owes the Epidavros Boats the entire amount of the order.

2. Check in Time is 9:30am. In case of non-arrival by 11am Epidavros Boats reserves the right to dispose of the vessel without further notice. The deposit is not refunded.

The following services can also be provided if desired and agreed:
1. Presence of skilled skipper, in case the customer is not qualified for driving a speedboat (a relevant driving license is required by the Greek legislation) throughout the duration of his vacation.

Damage chart cost 

Damage AnalysisCost in €
Hull damages at front, scratches and small Gel coat repairs100
Hole in the hull due to rock, wood, floating barrel or else1.500
Bent Propeller from rock, sand or wood strike (As well as Putting the boat in or out of the water)300
Brake Propeller from rock, sand or wood strike (As well as Putting the boat in or out of the water)300
LCD Monitors machine300
Breaking cruising lights and mooring lights50 / light
Throttle damage150
Cuts in resting pillow = repair in resting pillow80 / pillow
Bend of Inox =Replace InoxPrices from the manufacturer
Tear sun tent200
Cracking chair driver250
Break Plexi glass Console150
Lost of keys50
Lost of Anchor 60
Loss of peripherals such as life jackets and emergency flairs, engine power, portable fuel tank, fire extinguisher, cruising instruments, compass, electronic GPS-Plotter, cruising lights and mooring lights, anchors, swimming ladder, ice-cooler fridge, sun tent.Prices set from our in house marine store
Scratch or broken cover of main engine = Replace of main engineMaximum repair cost of 1.500
Loss of main engine= replace of main engine5.000
Scratch or broken cover of emergency  engine = Replace of emergency engine1000
Loss of emergency engine= replace of emergency engine2000
Mechanical damage on main engine = check damage reportMaximum repair cost of 1.500
Coloring of boat or tubesMaximum repair cost of 1.500
Gps Garmin total destroy700
Gps Garmin Screen Scratches or destroy400